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Using Factories to Do Ruby on Rails Rspec Test

Sometimes we need certain instance of model class to perform certain test. In this example we are going to test for showing instance of user via RSpec. This test obviously will require the use of an instance of the User model. I do this test using a technique called factories.
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Ruby on Rails lockfile_parser.rb undefined method NoMethodError error

In short, I have been playing with both Ruby and Rails3 and Git for the first time. Everything looks OK until I decided to restart rails server. Afterward, all rails related command (rails s, rails console and such) stopped working. Here’s the output from the command line. I put my ruby (which is 1.9.2. in c:\Ruby192)

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Setting up your first Rails application in Windows 7 and more

Most, if not all, Rails applications start through the same way: rails command. The command essentially creates a skeleton Rails application in a directory of your choice. To get started, make a directory for your Rails projects and then run the rails command to make the first application. Continue reading

Set Up SQLite3 for Ruby on Rails Development in Windows

The SQLite3 installation on Windows was really straight forward and easy although it may be documented rather obscurely. The main thing is to download the pre-compiled version of SQLite3 (at this moment 3.7.2) from the SQLite web site. Continue reading

Installing Ruby on Rails development environment from scratch in Windows 7

In this tutorial, I will show you how I install RoR development environment in Windows 7. I will be using Ruby 1.9.2. , Pik 0.2.8 and Rails 3.0.0. While Pik’s usage might be not clearly explained in this post, its kinda useful. Continue reading