Setting up Telkomsel/Simpati SIM Card on any HSDPA USB Modem

These settings should be pretty much the same across any self-respected USB based HSDPA modem.

Assuming your computer can detect the modem and your Telkomsel/Simpati card is activated, go to modem’s profile menu and use these following values whenever required.

  • Name: <anything>
  • Number: *99#
  • User Name: <leave the field empty>
  • Password: <leave the field empty>
  • APN / Access Point Name: ‘internet’
  • Service type: packet
  • PDP: choose ‘PPP’ (no idea what is this)
  • Opt for getting DNS and IP automatically.

Tested on BandLuxe C180 (XL’s standard USB modem) & Sierra Wireless Compassâ„¢ 885 (Simpati’s standard USB modem)

Tips: When using BandLuxe C180, in order to force modem to use UMTS instead of stupid GPRS, go to Settings->Radio->3G/3.5G only

Tips: Just throw XL’s prepaid mobile broadband. It is soo expensive for GPRS based service (Rp 199K/mo) and … its a freaking GPRS! (not that 3G is super fast)

UPDATE: if you are using telkomsel/simpati unlimited do not forget to SMS to 3636 “UL 100K” or “UL 50K” followed by “YA” to activate your unlimited internet for 30 and 15 days

9 thoughts on “Setting up Telkomsel/Simpati SIM Card on any HSDPA USB Modem

  1. Eugene Zapalac

    19. Hey, I read your blog and all you’ve mention there is really a thing for me. Though, there are instances which are coincidence but overall are nicely mentioned in fantastic manner.

  2. Edgar C.

    Thank God! Being an expat in Jakarta is hard enough. Simpati may not be the fastest but its certainly better than XL. I have ditched my XL card already. Thank you for the information, really helpful.

  3. sandy

    mau tanya dong,saya beli modem zte mf190 telkomsel,katanya gratis internetan unlimited 90 hari,tapi koq pulsa masih kepotong ya?apa saya salah setting (masuk ke telkomsel unlimited)

  4. tej

    I have Telkomsel flash modem with simpati card have 2 recharge it every month rp. 100000 Bot it vgives good speed only on the day u rechage for the rest of 29 days it gives speed hardly 4-5 kbps….so I would like to suggest throw simpati if u have purchased….

  5. Aditya Post author

    hi tej,

    do you mind sharing your location (when using telkomsel) and possible alternative that you have found ?
    thank you :)

  6. Aditya Post author

    kemungkinan besar sandy blom aktifin paket 90 harinya
    jadi pulsa normal kepotong duluan

    coba cek sama petugasnya gimana cara aktifin

    ps: temen saya mirip kaya gini. baru top up lalu besoknya habis

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